EC2 and Filezilla server trouble connecting

425 Can’t open data connection for transfer of

Just thought to write a quick guide how I got FTP server working on AWS EC2 instance.

  1. Open windows firewall on server for FTP program -> Open Windows defender on your VPS and make new inbound firewall rule: -> program -> browse to your Filezilla Server.exe directory and choose that file. Next allow it all connections. And then save it with some name.
  2. Open firewall on your AWS EC2 instance -> login to AWS management console -> go to your EC2 instance -> look foor security group -> Edit -> add rule to allow port 21 for all ips.
  3. Lastly on your computer open your filezilla client -> go to site manager -> choose your connection -> go to “transfer settings” tab and set transfer mode to “Active”. (! Many tutorials in internet mentioned passive-mode, but Active mode made all the difference in my case. After that FTP client was able to connect normally.)

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